Top 10 Tips of EMS Training

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EMS, or Electro Muscle Stimulation, is an innovative way to exercise that stimulates your muscles using a high-tech training suit. With strategically placed electrodes to target each of your major muscle groups, your muscles will all be worked out at once, speeding up your workout and offering real results. There are many benefits of EMS, and in this post we will be detailing the top 10 benefits of EMS training.

1. Improves muscle strength

ION BODY EMS training offers the same results as several hours of weekly vigorous activity in just a single 25-minute session. According to a study published in 2016, EMS “can be considered an attractive, time-efficient, and effective option to HIIT-resistance exercise for people seeking to improve general strength and body composition”.

Electro muscle stimulation provides incredible results without having to spend a fortune on gym memberships, supplies, and other equipment. The growing demand for EMS training has resulted in training facilities being opened all over the world that offer time-efficient training at affordable prices.

2. Improves mood & brain health

ION BODY EMS training doesn’t just build your body, it improves mood and boosts brain health too! By relieving stress and releasing natural chemicals that improve your mood, EMS has many benefits. What’s more, by engaging in EMS training sessions, you can invest in yourself and work towards a healthier life, improving your self-esteem and mood overall.

3. Weight management

Electro muscle stimulation can help with weight management in a simple, time-efficient manner. With a single 25-minute session, you can enjoy the same benefits as if you played sport for up to 4 hours.

For those who are looking to control their weight and maintain a healthy body with less investment, electro muscle stimulation is a great way to exercise.

4. Perfect for muscle recovery

ION BODY EMS training improves circulation and flushes out lactic acid build-up that occurs after exercise and leads to delayed onset muscle soreness. When combined with active EMS recovery, it can minimize soreness after working out, and speed up recovery.

5. Suitable for various health conditions

A study published in 2009 states that EMS “has been found to be a viable alternative to vigorous exercise in individuals with myopathy who have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) or chronic heart failure (CHF)”.

Unlike traditional exercise that has physical barriers in place that can prevent many from taking part, ION BODY EMS training is a great alternative for those who can’t perform certain sports or long gym routines weekly.

6. Improves sport performance

Many professional athletes have been using EMS as part of their training routine to improve strength, endurance, lung capacity, and better recovery. This helped grow the popularity of EMS training, with well-known models and celebrities now incorporating it into their regimes.

7. Improves range of motion

If you train regularly, or want to do so, a full range of motion is essential to ensure you’re targeting all the muscles in a specific group as well as reducing risk of pain and injury. EMS training is great for reaching a full range of motion because it trains all major muscle groups that will begin to adapt and grow over time.

8. Simple and easy to do

Many people who stop going to the gym say that it made them feel overwhelmed and not confident due to the variety and complexity of machines and exercises. EMS training offers a unique way to train and get the same results as a traditional workout, but without the social anxiety and difficult movements.

9. Reduces muscle cramping

Muscle cramps can occur from overuse of muscle, muscle strain, dehydration, holding a position for a long time, as well as an inadequate blood supply.

In a study conducted in 2017, a group of scientists analyzed the use of electro muscle stimulation on a person’s muscle cramp frequency and concluded that “the applied stimulation protocol seems to provide an effective prevention strategy in individuals affected by regular calf cramps.”

If you suffer from cramps, engaging in EMS training sessions can help decrease their likelihood in just a few sessions.

10. Reduces snoring

A 2018 study analyzed the effects of electrical muscle stimulation on patients who snored and concluded that “by increasing the tone with electrical stimulation, a reduction in snoring may be achieved”. Because of this, the partners of those who do EMS noticed an improvement after engaging in EMS training sessions.

Why start EMS training?

EMS training can improve your life quality through many physical and mental benefits. If you want to enjoy some of these benefits for yourself, ION BODY EMS offers high-quality EMS training sessions with skilled professionals that are ready to assist you every step of the way.

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