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Research & Results


Progress with purpose. Sport has seen a dramatic transformation with new technologies in Electro muscle stimulation. ION BODY has combined this technology with proven training methods to significantly optimise results, delivering the best EMS workout available.

Train Smarter

Innovating cutting-edge technology and techniques to dramatically boost fitness levels. Focusing on sport specific conditioning. Ideal for golfers, skiers, cyclists, and country sports enthusiasts. Enhance and build on existing training routines. EMS has been used for decades to help athletes improve performance and prevent injury.

Train Faster

A 20 minute full body EMS session is equivalent to a 90 minute conventional workout. Achieve strength, power output and cardiovascular efficiency.

Train Stronger

Develop and strengthen muscles by stimulating 90% of muscle fibres with 51,000 contractions per workout. Delivering high intensity workouts with low-impact exercises. ION BODY is truly the workout of the 21st century

Time & Efficiency


Achieve visible and measurable results in weight loss and body sculpting in only 4 sessions. ION BODY is more effective than diet alone and perfect preparation for an upcoming event or post-natal bounce back.

Lose Weight

Boost your metabolism and increase calorie burn during and for days after your session. ION BODY sessions are effective, efficient and the healthiest way to slim down by gaining muscle to burn excess body fat. A fast and sustainable weight loss programme.

Change Shape

Transform and sculpt your body by decreasing hip, waist and abdominal circumference. ION BODY is the ultimate in core training. Achieve the body shape you desire in less time.

Improve Muscle Tone

By stimulating all major muscle groups during a low impact full body session. Increase circulation to reduce cellulite for firmer and more toned skin. ION BODY is an effective non-surgical body transformation, offering a real solution.

No Strain & No Pain


Improve your weight, shape, strength and well-being. Avoid many chronic conditions due to weakness and inactivity. Our maintain programme helps physical and mental health and boosts energy levels. Improve muscle mass, strength, bone density and circulation.

Move Better

Move better, faster and stronger. Our full body strength and cardiovascular programme allows you to continue to exercise whilst minimising the impact on existing injuries. Improve muscular imbalances, joint stability, balance and posture.

Reduce Pain

ION BODY offers a real solution. Manage and reduce pain without pain killers or steroid injections. Train your muscles whilst reducing the repetitive strain on joints that often occurs with traditional exercise. EMS targets and strengthens deep core muscles.

Live Well

Live well, look good and feel great. Boost energy levels, enhance moods and improve sleep patterns. Perfect for strengthening lower back, core and pelvic floor muscles. Our system of patterned movements with the application of electrical stimulation promotes blood circulation which aids in nutrient transfer through the muscles. ION BODY, a smart way to improve health and wellbeing and get back to a healthier happier life.

Educate & Motivate

Smart ION Body Scan

An accurate and instant analysis of your body composition. Indicating change in fat, muscle, minerals and water. Scientific evidence shows a healthy body composition lengthens your lifespan, reduces the risk of heart disease, cancer and diabetes. Increases energy levels and improves self-esteem. Protect yourself and our NHS by combating and preventing illness and disease.


Take the guesswork out of your progress. Highlight amazing results and create healthy habits. The Smart Body Scan is time-effective, accurate and gives you a snapshot of your health. This technology is used by doctors, health clinics, physiotherapists, athletes and universities.


The Smart body scan report is easy to understand. Teaches the importance of healthy body composition and identifies muscular imbalances which is vital for good health. The report enables you to improve and modify your programme to achieve amazing results.


Motivate yourself with a Smart Body Scan. Monitoring fat percentage and muscle mass keeps you focused and inspired towards your body goals. Smart Body Scan reports accurate results showing body changes from lifestyle and training programmes. Whether you’re thinking of losing weight or improving health, Smart Body Scan is designed for performance and results.